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Multi-channel campaign

Done In Paper


Multi-channel campaign Done IN Paper


Full brand identity concept and multi-channel campaign to launch a brand of rolling cigarettes paper.


Done IN Paper is the new brand of rolling tobacco accessories: paper, filter tips and blank cigarette tubes. Rolling paper stands out as the key product for marketing purposes. Aiming a target of both male and female above 18 years old who smoke rolling paper, the spirit envisioned for the brand may be encapsulated in two questions: Do you always do what others expect you to do? Would you rather not try new things? Lose your inhibitions and CHANGE YOUR PAPER!! (Paper meaning also “role” in Spanish).









Less dynamic websites or those that don´t generate content frequently enough are destined to turn obsolete, which in turn will cause their ranking in search engines to drop. That would be why we created a web with a constant flow, true to the brand´s rule-breaking spirit. Hold on, what should we offer? If the basis of our communication is a free-from-inhibitions message, along with graphic elements such as guitars and amps or surfing boards, the online sphere must undoubtedly play along. In short the direction taken is this: Urban Culture.








This approach is leveraged using social media, generating user engagement and potentially alluring new consumers because of the affinity with the brand.






An array of point of sale materials was produced around this corporate identity.