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Brochure Design Viceroy

Fernando Alonso Collection

Fernando Alonso brochure design


Design of the brochure Fernando Alonso Collection by Viceroy from only two elements: Fernando Alonso´s image and photos of the product. Not a problem for us, in fact quite the opposite, a pleasurable project when there is outstanding material from impeccable photo shoots.


The work revolved around the search for elements to create a graphic line able to transmit all the feeling put into the design and manufacture of these apparatuses. And sometimes these projects unable one to see clearly why Fernando was picked as brand ambassador for Viceroy, and how Fernando and Formula 1 served as inspiration for the watch manufacturer.


To this today we haven´t figured out if it was because of the beauty of the watches or Alonso lost in thought, but it seems like the catalogue design fell into its own state of contemplation, some kind of serenity that we imagine resembles what goes into a pilot´s head instants before a race starts and adrenaline takes hold.


The result is an introspective journey, one of those that push the piece away from that mundane denomination, leaflet, and raise it to that dressy name: collection catalogue. Maybe we are still lost in thought, otherwise why would we speak in these terms so long after the project was finished. It could be Alonso´s elegance, or maybe the watch, or perhaps it´s the effect of the catalogue. We are most definitely fans…



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