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Menu Design Yelmo Cines

Design, production & deployment

Design & image for Yelmo Cines menus


After many years of different design assignments for Yelmo Cines covering many aspects of retail, bar design, displays, bags, door vinyls, cardboard packaging, kid´s menus, promotional campaigns, premieres, theatre openings, etc) it was time to review the image at the cinemas around the bar area.


Working with Yelmo for around a decade, it was well-known territory. Building on insights from an important market survey, new elements were blended into the mix in order to develop the menus and roll out in 35 multiplexes. Brands like Coca-Cola, Coronita or Oscar Mayer joined forces to develop these menus.


Photo shooting, photoshopping, and plenty of popcorn. We enjoyed the show!






The design of the menus had to be carefully studied gives that the duratrans boards have in most instances different proportions. The product offer also came in all sort of combinations, with price changing from one region to another. All of this implied a detailed planning and organisation to ensure efficiency and reduce delivery deadlines.


A general round of photo retouching was required for drinks and popcorn containers.

02-Yelmo-Cines-Menus 03-Yelmo-Cines-Menus


Under our belt is also the interior design of the Haribó stores at Cines Yelmo.


Whatever is your need regarding communication in the Horeca sector, you may count on us as specialists. It could be optimising the vending machine ability to sell brand; exploiting a wheel food-cart to its maximum; raising the appeal of a corner outlet; o quizá sacar mayor rendimiento un corner; electronic menus updated remotely. Whatever it is, we have probably already stormed it out and designed it, and if you don´t have yet all the answers regarding how to exploit the space, we can analyze it and offer you options. We also manage production, coordination and deployment.


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