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Kyūshū Concept

Japan in Amalfi gastronomic experience

Japan-Italy, a 400-year journey



The hotel chain NH Hoteles Collection teamed up with our consultant chef Julián Mármol in order to create a gastronomic concept for one of their most distinguished establishments, the Grand Hotel Amalfi Convent, located in the Campania region by the Salerno Gulf shore, 75 km. South of Napoli. It is beautifully laid out inside a deep gorge under the Cerreto mount, surrounded by cliffs. Indeed a unique location








In order to find that concept, we dug deep into the historical roots of Japan (a source of inspiration for our chef) and a possible Italian connection, the environment of the proposal. As a result, a name showed up that seemed to hold all the right reasons to be at the core of the concept… Kyūshū


It is the third largest island in Japan, presumably the cradle of its civilization. It is also known as the island of longevity, since many of the eldest people of the world live out there.


Curiously enough, Kyūshū is sometimes referred to as “the far-East Napoli” because of its climate, gentle due to the influence of the very active Sakurajima vulcano.








Last but not least, there is a remarkable link of a religious nature that fits the NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi. Kyūshū is the place where one may find the traces of Christian faith in the Land of the Rising Sun, in fact is what made it the epicentre of cultural exchange between Europe and Japan, before the latter commenced its longed centuries of isolationism. Kyūshū Island was the entry for missionaries and European sailors who set foot in Japan.

The concept Kyūshū has four solid corners, which makes available.









As an icon we thought the Somei Yoshino cherry flower best embodied the essence. Grown during the Edo period, the Yoshino Somei is, by far, the most common cherry tree in Japan. And up to this day friends meet to enjoy tea under a cherry tree canopy, the Hanami they call it. For inspiration we used the beneventana writing, used in Southern Italy around the 12th Century. We constructed a contemporary typography that plays homage to the imperfections of those old manuscripts. And later we built on that for a perfect marriage with the NH Hotels Collection.


















Driven by mutual influence, these two cultures share the same roof and offer dinner guests a trip in space and time.


Julián Mármol overture with Kyūshū may be summed up as: high-end gastronomy with Mediterranean-Italian notes. A culinary offer suited for customers of Amalfi and near-by towns such as Positano or Ravel. We developed dishes where both cuisines blend in with each other, where quality products and naturalness are at the core of this gastronomic concept, offering pure and clean sensations and flavours, where the prime produce takes all the shining while allowing space for the fusion of two cuisines that rely heavily on the product. This is our plan to seduce the client, both dining customers and the hotel, and to earn a prestige that will bring new customers from hotels in the area. This proposal reflects, in terms of gastronomy, the concept of cultural exchange with which we present Japanese cuisine at the heart of Italy´s strongest cultural heritage.