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Balfegó: Sea of Dreams

Short-film starred by Balfegó´s new brand ambassador


Martín Berasategui, as the new international brand ambassador for Balfegó Red Tuna, stars in this short-feature film, along with Pere Vicent and Manel Balfegó.



Balfegó´s family was requesting an effort to encompass their trade and their roots, how their tradition of tuna fishing, going back 5 generations, has made their dreams true when they conceived an innovative and sustainable method of capture that allows a unique process of tracking that ensures second to none quality. As a result of their advances, they deliver the best tuna anywhere worldwide in 48 hours.



The spot´s was destined to raise international awareness of the Mediterranean red tuna by telling the clan´s dreams and visions. We proposed Martín Berasategui (7 Michelin stars) as brand ambassador, whom they selected. This seemed like a natural extension of their dream, going from servicing some of the most selective restaurants to having their brand backed up by one of the top chefs of the last decades.




The production expected had to match their dreams and visions too, toning the emotions with precision. We picked our partner producers Attic Films, creators of some extraordinary films in the cooking world such as Chef David Muñoz´s (Diverxo Restaurant) or Chef Julián Mármol (Yugo The Bunker), and the general release film “Kidnapped”, awarded Best Film and Best Direction at Austin Fantastic Fest.



The initial intention was to use actors to sidekick Martín Berasategui in the main role, but eventually Manel and Pere Vicent Balfegó were preferred to play a role in the film. It was their story, after all, and so they worked from dusk till dawn in order to recreate it.



The production was rather complex: 4 days of shooting, 30 people in the team, 3 different exterior locations embraced by the sea, 5 divers, drones, a Phantom 2 high-speed camera, 2 tuna fishing boats sailing according to the wind, and other boats providing support.


“Do it with passion or you will never do it… and keep dreaming”