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Packaging & Point of Sale Design

Rosaliac CC Cream

Launch, packaging & point of sale design


La Roche-Posay needed a point of sale launch kit for the first CC Cream (Cover & Correct) for sensitive skins. We designed the logo that would be later used for this entire new line.


The sales stand had to reinforce the new logo, and so it was brought into play with the product tester.


Expositor Rosaliac CC


We designed the sample kit sent out to 5,000 subscribers of Guapa Box.


Caja guapa box


Packaging from international was adapted. For that purpose we created a sleeve highlighting the attributes and advantages of the new product.



Sobrecamisa Rosaliac CC0001


Any point of sale campaign relies on stoppers. In order to stand out, this time we relied on thermoforming for certain areas.

Stopper Rosaliac CC


To round up visibility inside pharmacies, we created a badge for the pharmacists. This piece seemed adequate to reinforce the younger appeal of the product.


Chapa Rosaliac