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Restaurant Packaging

Packaging Yelmo & Heinz

Restaurant packaging design at Yelmo


Joint packaging and communication partnership between Yelmo Cines and Heinz.


This project resulted from an agreement between Yelmo Cines & Heinz to create a joint hot dog packaging and communication in order to promote dining and ketchup consumption in each restaurant of the cinema theatre chain.


Most would agree just how risky a task like eating a hot dog in the dark can be. Squirting ketchup out of it inside a cinema hall may definitely earn us a nomination for best action clip, but apologising with our mouths full will not win any best script prize or help us make new friends along the way.






Therefore the importance of designing a packaging and image to make the whole ketchup experience, shall we say, more cinematic but less of a show. A joint adventure with Heinz.


The aim was to make dining easier and remind cinema-goers just how important ketchup is in a hot dog, setting aside possible complications like the ones we´ve mentioned. And so this packaging was developed, making eating easier and safer. In terms of image there weren´t complications given that the respective brand manuals were easy to follow. The tricky part was to maximise the functionality of the die cutting, testing each step of the way.





Aside from the packaging, we developed the image to advertise at Yelmo Cinemas bars and blended it with the existing image for their Hot Dogs Menu and the American Menu.








In the end the main goal was achieved: not to compete with the show on the screen.