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Television spots Euromaster

Tyres Need Experts

Television spots for Euromaster


Euromaster wanted to introduce their new concept “Tyres need Experts”, and what a better way to do so than a television campaign.


With humour, the character playing the Euromaster fitter comes across as someone dwelling in the world of tyres, consumed by its allure. Such an expert in tyres that he´s even capable of… we better avoid spoilers. In any case, clairvoyance portrayed as a sign of supreme knowledge on a topic.


These TV adverts were conceived a sequence of three showing a delusion in crescendo. However the series worked fine without the planned order, which in fact was eventually ignored altogether. The brand´s favourite, and the agency´s too, was the first video below these lines.






The second spot, right below these lines, starts with a son curiosity about the separation of his friend´s parents. At a difficult moment when innocence can be broken, his father ends up with arguments that for sure are not going to help his son. The third spot digs deeper in the kid´s need to understand this delicate adult matter, this time in more sensitive territory still, his own family. Once again the father will not provide what his son needs.






That claim was in turn used in radio spots and added to the logotype to carry the same message

along the abundant local communication carried out by the tyre fitting network.


Later surveys proved that the change of positioning was successful in terms of assimilation of the new brand values.