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Brand Ambassador Euromaster

An Everyday Hero 


Supermaster came to this world to fulfil a specific need of our client Euromaster. The large amount of annual promotions seemed to call for an element as a backbone, a brand ambassador of some sort to add thread to such an array of campaigns. That element should ideally be a character, a strong figure to embody Euromaster values. That character we clearly saw as a superhero, after all, who better to project such force, such effort towards service, such super powers…


Before giving arms and legs to this creature, his life story had to be drawn… His origins, occupation, his family or absence of, details of his superpowers, etc. A second phase would have him named. A reasoned list of possible names was given to the client for consideration. The final choice was SUPERMASTER, and for that name a logo was created. With those issues tackled, the turn came to define the superhero complexion and facial features. After those aspects came the turn to give it colour, departing from corporate colours to create outfits for his day to day adventures.


After a long process and extensive work, the character finally came to life in all sorts of format and media: radio, television, internet, cinemas, at points of sale, out of home circuits, leaflets and other promotional material. It was even spread in a mini-series of comics for internal communication purposes.